Our vision and what we do

Bergen Tankers is a family owned company, established in 1965. There are currently about 90 employees in the company combined at sea and on shore, and we are a fully integrated ship owning/management/chartering company, operated from Bergen, Norway.

Bergen Tankers has since the beginning, spent extensive time and resources in order to secure the most flexible solution for the Norwegian oil majors, in order to be their best solution for coastal transport and short sea shipping.

The company has been actively seeking good newbuilding projects, with the target of getting newbuildings with a high degree of safety, efficiency and environmentally friendly service. In this respect, all vital equipment, such as propulsion must be redundant. The vessels should have frequent discharge/loading operations and efforts have been made to find an efficient cargo system. The vessels should also have a high degree of automation in order to keep operational costs as low as possible. The pollution to sea and air should be as low as possible.

We also cooperate with oil companies, cargo owners including chemicals and waste, bunker traders, agents, brokers and other Owners in North West Europe to facilitate projects and needs of transport or storage.

Having development and awareness of emissions in mind, the company is participating in an environmentally friendly program to achieve as low pollution as possible on the Norwegian coast and anywhere we trade. We are in compliance to SECA 2015 and TIER II 2016 (LNG) regulations, and supported by Nox-fond, of Norway.