Bergen Tankers AS is a private, family owned company which operates out of Bergen, Norway.
The company funder has been in the bunker trade in Western Norway since 1965. In 1991 Bergen Tankers AS was established and the trading area extended with larger vessels in addition to the bunkering service.

Bergen Tankers AS is today an established seaway transporting company carrying oil products, chemicals and LNG within Northern Europe. The main trading area is along the Norwegian coast; supplying refined oil products and LNG/MGO bunkers.
The company is fully integrated and handles all related functions such as ship management, operations, crewing and chartering. The company has a total of near 90 employees; near 80 employees sail on rotation and 9 are employed in Bergen Tankers AS organization on shore.



Bergen Tankers AS focus on three sectors:

  • Bunkering of vessels in Bergen and in other safe ports on the west coast of Norway.
  • Transportation of oil products and LNG on the Norwegian coast and the North Sea.
  • Oil recovery/de-bunkering operations and emergency discharge of bunkers.



Bergen Tankers AS operates as of today a fleet of three coastal tankers and two bunkering barges.  The entire fleet is owned wholly or partly by Bergen Tankers AS.
Bergen Tankers AS aims is to be in front of development in our market. Since 1998 the company has spent extensive time and resources in order to secure newer tailor made tankers with a safer distribution method of oil products and bunkers operations.

Vessels have been designed or selected based on the company’s long experience in product tanker operation along the Norwegian coast. Our focus is safety for the crew, for the ship and for its cargo. To achieve and improve safety margins, the company relies on the redundancy of critical equipment, a highly competent crew and tailor made operation plans and procedures.

Bergen Tankers has a high focus on environmentally friendly solutions both for the present fleet and for future projects. In close cooperation with Equinor and the Norwegian "Business Sector's NOx Fund" our two vessels, Bergen Star and Bergen Viking have been equipped with technologic solutions which reduces NOx emissions with more than 90 percent. All of our ships run on MGO or LNG, and Bergen Tankers meet all governmental regulations regarding pollution prevention and emission to air. All our vessels have double hull, and are vetted by Oil Major companies.