health, Safety, environment & Quality

Bergen Tankers AS health, safety, environment and quality policy:

  • Safety for human life and health
  • Safety for the environment
  • Safety for material values

HSEQ goals:

  • Safety for the crew and to avoid any lost time incidents.
  • Good working conditions in order to avoid health problems, both on short and long term.
  • All the company’s activities shall minimize the negative effects on the environment, both locally and globally.
  • Safety precautions are to be established in order to identify risks.
  • The company shall continuously evaluate and improve leadership both on shore and on board in regards to safety, protection of environment and crisis management in case of accidents.
  • The company shall follow all rules and regulations regarding the trade and traffic it is involved in. This includes codes, standards, regulations from authorities and various maritime organisations.

Epmployee requirements

  • Be in good health and provide an approved health certificate.
  • Not be affected by alcohol or drugs when on duty.
  • Have the necessary education/qualification for their position.
  • Focus on safety in their work.
  • Wear the correct protection equipment at all times.
  • Have good knowledge of their work place.
  • Be trained to act, both under normal and critical ship operations.