Bergen Chartering, the commercial department in Bergen Tankers Group. Bergen Chartering is handling the owned tonnage exclusively, and is responsible for the Day-to-Day COA and SPOT requirements in Chartering and Operational matters, as well as developing new projects for cargo and tonnage in the Bergen Tankers Group and/or other good Partners in the shipping industry.

Bergen Chartering will always be working towards developing and expanding the Bergen Tankers fleet, exploring new trading areas and cargo opportunities within the segments of CCP, DPP, Biofuels, chemicals and the LNG- markets.

The main activity of Bergen Tankers and Bergen Chartering is today;

  • Bunkering service to vessels in Norway and in other safe ports and places in North West Europe.
  • Transportation of oil products and easy chemicals at the Norwegian coast, and to other safe ports in North West Europe.
  • Oil recovery operations and emergency discharge of bunkers in our operational area.

In addition to 3 medium sized short sea tankers, the Bergen Tankers Group owns two specialized bunkering Vessels. Both vessels can deliver bunkering services (HFO, Marine Gasoil and Marine Destillate) and slops handling in the operational area. The Vessels regularly service bunkering supply along the Norwegian West Coast, and in German/Danish Baltic Sea. Additionally the Vessels are also supplying smaller terminals in Norway and other safe ports in North West Europe, with oil products and easy chemicals from larger terminals and refineries.  

Bergen Chartering also offers Commercial Management for other Owners. The Bergen Tankers Group is fully set-up with in-house crewing and technical management to handle Tanker Vessels for Owners and financial institutions seeking a trusty and experienced partner, with the Safety First approach.

For enquires and requests, please contact us at;

Desk: +47 56 31 57 10                                                    

Projects and Chartering
Alexander Benevoli
Direct tel.:+47 56 31 57 14
Mobile: + 47 93 26 83 55
Chartering and Bunkering Operations
Nils Magne Nordvik
Direct tel:+47 56 31 57 15
Mobile: +47 98 81 17 99